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Current Articles - 5/12/04

Horton Brasses Hinges
A Hardware Review
By Tim Talma

Creative Scroll
Saw Segmentation

A Book Review
By Don Slaughter

Building Antique Model
Cars In Wood

A Book Review
By Jess Webb

200 Original Shop
Aids & Jigs

A Book Review
By David M. McGrew, MD

The Marquetry Course
A Book Review
By Mike Reese

A Book Review
By Ned Bulken

Beginning Woodcarving
A Book Review
By Sandy Altizer

Tool Reviews:
Trash Can Cyclone Lid (DM)

Drill Doctor 400R (BB)

Rockler Clamp-it (MR)

Rockler Magnetic Push Stick (GO)

Rockler Heavy Duty
Ball Bearing Stand

Woodworker's Tape/Rule (LL)

Incra Precision
Marking Rules

Rockler Heavy-Duty
Fliptop Roller Stand

Wall Wizard (BB)

Little Wizard
Metal Detector

Rockler Jig It AH

E-Z Arch (MT)

Handy Tape
(AH, FC, JT, JB, JJ, MR, SC)

First Impressions on the Fein
RT-1800 Router

Review of Seahorse
Plaque Pattern

Rockler Concealed
Hinge JIG IT System

Rockler Mini Drill
Press Table

Rockler Router
Table Plate

Veritas Carver's

Rockler Bandsaw

Tablesaw Blades
(KS & JM)

Lee Valley and Fuller
Brad Point Drill Bits

Rockler Drill
Press Table

Torqmate - By Jacobs

Stots Dovetail Template
Review #3

The TS-Aligner Jr. (JM)

The TS-Aligner (JJ)

Jacobs PowerCollet
(ME, DS, BM, DW)

Lenox Pro Master III
Bandsaw Blade

Watson Rapid
Chamfering Machine

My Favorite Drill (JM)

Jacobs PowerNut
A Tool Review
(ME, BB, BM, CR)

Old Growth Aging and
Staining Solutions
(ES, MT, JT)

Stot's Dovetail Template
(revisited - JL)

Blade Guides

Bosch Router #1617EVS(KS&JT)

Tenryu Sawblade (ES&SC)


Excel Polyurethane Glue (BS)

Fein Detail Sander and
Turbo Vac II

Porter-Cable 557
Biscuit Machine

Vac-U-Fence (BB&JJ)

Slipit (JM)

Dovetail Template Master (DS)

Super PushBlocks/

DeWalt Plunge Router (CR)

Eliminator Chuck (DS)

SlipStops (MB)

Clamp Pads (CR)

Chip Chunker (CR)

Papertape Scribing (JM)

Hardblock (JM)
General Woodworking:
Uncle Fester (DP)

Notes from an Apprentice (GO)

Mitered Sticking (AM)

Hobbs Furniture Classes (DB)

The New Woodworker and Dust (GL)

Shellac (KMD)

Two-part Epoxy (LG)

Barnes and Witches (WA)

The Big Tree (DB)

Turning a Potpourri (BH)

The Craftsman (RP)

The Big Clock Incident (WA)

Three Tools for a
Desert Island

Fine Joinery
Workshop Class


Homemade and Alternative
Stains and Colorants

Collapsible Workbench (DF)

A Weekend Excursion (WA)

Building a Walnut
Wall Unit

Starting Over
With Finishing

Tool Economics 101 (WA)

Copyright Infringement

Cutting Box Joints
A New Easier Method

Profile: Bruce Hutchinson (RAR)

Internet Privacy -
What Woodworkers Should
Know Online

Six Steps To Success (WA)

Of Auctions and Rust? (ME)

My Workbench (BH)

Building A Windsor Chair
With Mike Dunbar

Woodturning Class
at the John C. Campbell
Folk School

Selecting An Exterior Finish (JMc)

Staining Blotch-Prone Woods
and Endgrain

Corner Display Cabinet -
A Project Description

FPL Polyurethane Tests. (CV & AO)

WWA Shelf Pin Jig (JM)

Scott Phillips - A Genuine
American Woodworker

Sanding In...The
Stockmaker's Secret

Smidgenomics (JK)

Gluing Panels (DS)

A Day In the Shop (SG)

Flush-trimming Jig (JM)

A Router Table
For Woodworkers

Plate Joinery Part I (CR)

Plate Joinery Part II (CR)

Plate Joinery Part III (CR)

Stuck on You: A Cure? (CR)

So, You Want To Be A

Plate Joinery Abstract (CR)

Measuring Strategies Part I (JM)

Measuring Strategies Part II (JM)

Job Management (JW)

Free For The Taking (CR)

Clean Melamine Edges (JM)

Reference Multimedia
Woodworking Tips on CD
Volume 2

Workbench Annual
Volume 2001

The Wood Explorer CD-ROM(JM)

100 Woodworking Tips On CD(MP)

The Guide To Published
Woodworking Plans &
(JFK & SW)

WoodRef Version 1.1 (BG)

The Woodworking Companion (JK)

Multimedia Plans

Video Review:
Make a Chair From a Tree (RB)

Table Saw Techniques (JM)

Peeling & Weaving
Hickory Bark Chair Seats

Hey Kids! Trees Are Good (JM)

Hank Metz Biscuit Joinery (MG)

CutList Plus Version 4.1 (CP)
Book Reviews:
Projects For Woodturners (JW)

Building Frameless
Kitchen Cabinets

Tiling (JFT)

Carousel Carving (AP)

Wood Carving Tools,
Materials and Equipment

Fun & Easy Scroll Saw Projects (SG)

2X4 Projects for Outdoor Living (MS)

Whacky Toys, Whirligigs
& Whatchamacallits

Classic Joints with Power Tools (RB)

Woodcarving Basics (LK)

Intarsia - 30 Patterns
for the Scrollsaw

Router Tips & Techniques (DD)

Terrific 2X4 Furniture(MS)

Techniques Vol. 2

The Mini Power Tool Handbook (AG)

The Encyclopedia of Picture
Framing Techniques

Making Heirloom Boxes (SA)

Furniture Restoration:
A Professional at Work

Turned Boxes(SG)

Chest of Drawers(AG)

Beginning Picture Marquetry(BK)

Choosing & Using Hand Tools (BL)

Band Saw Bench Guide (MP)

Building The Custom
Home Office

Table Saw Bench Guide (JJ)

Turning Boxes with
Richard Raffan, revised

Rustic Furniture Workshop (JP)

Home Storage Projects (DG)

Dining Tables (GG)

Woodworker's Power Tools (RL)

Woodworker's Hand Tools (ES)

Furniture &
Cabinet Construction

Router Bench Guide (BN)

Woodcarver's Problem Solver (MM)

Turning Bowls (DB)

Windows & Skylights (GO)

Carving The Human Figure (BB)

The Complete Illustrated
Guide to Shaping Wood

The Art of the Band Saw (RG)

Veneering Handbook (MR)

The Complete Illustrated
Guide to Joinery

The Router Book (JC)

Thos. Moser's
Measured Shop Drawings

Tremendous Toy Trucks (SG)

Make Your Own
Electric Guitar and Bass

Architectural Birdhouses (SM)

Making Rustic Furniture (DK)

The Wooden Boat (FC)

Two-Hour Painted
Wood Projects

Pyrography Projects

Great Windows & Doors (DC)

Jointers and Planers (ES)

2 x 4 Projects
For Outdoor Living

Making Art Boxes (JV)

Constructing Kitchens (DB)

Furniture-making Projects for
the Wood Craftsman

Constructing Bathrooms (JJ)

Art of Woodburning (CJ)

Masterful Woodturning (AG)

Wood Bender's Handbook (DB)

Practical Projects from
Fine Woods

Practical Scrollsaw Patterns(AG)

Further Useful Tips for

The Nature of Woodworking (BO)

In The Craftsman Style (FC)

Scroll Saw Art (AG)

Turning Green Wood (MB)

Making Classic
English Furniture

Making and Mastering
Wood Planes

Furniture-Making Techniques (LW)

Finishing -Methods of Work(EV)

High-Relief Wood Carving(ES)

Understanding Wood(JV)

Desks (MR)

The Art of Intarsia (MB)

Router: Methods of Work (MP)

Controlling Dust
in the Workshop

Tablesaw: Methods of Work (DG)

Great Wood Finishes (BH)

Framing Basics (JFT)

Modern Cabinetmaking

Scrollsaw Toys
for all ages

Guide To Wood

Minidrill -
Fifteen Projects

A Fresh Approach

Scroll Saw

Making Woodworking
Aids and Devices


Decorative & Ornamental
Scroll Saw Patterns

Creative Country


2X4 Projects
For Outdoor Living

Setting Up Shop (JM)

Fence Style -
Surround Yourself with
Charm & Elegance

Woodturning -
A Foundation Course

Weekend Woodworking
For The Garden

Garden Woodwork
in a Weekend

Power Tools
For Woodcarving

Carpentry & Building

Practical Woodworking

Woodburning (JM)

Workshop Bench

Routing for Beginners (AD)

Scrollsaw Toy Projects (WA)

2x4 Furniture

Woodturning (JT)

Doormaking (RJS)

Two Books in One

The Scrollsaw -
Twenty Projects


Furniture Restoration Workshop (JJ)

Wind Toys That Spin,
Sing, Twirl & Whirl

Painted Woodcraft (WA)

Making Moving Toys (AD)

Classic Wood Finishing (DS)

Green Woodwork (DB)

Small-Scale Woodturning(ES)

Build Smarter With
Alternative Materials

The Great
Birdhouse Book

Band Saws: A Workshop
Bench Reference

Two Books in One

Veneering -
A Complete Course

Scroll Saw
Picture Frames

Decorative Painted
Wood Projects

Jack Hill's
Country Furniture

Outdoor Woodwork(JK)

Holiday Woodworking Projects (PL)

Crafting as a Business (EV)

52 Weekend
Woodworking Projects

Fine Decorative Boxes -
Designing and Making
Original Works of Art

Making Wooden Baskets
on your Scroll Saw

Country Woodcrafts
to Make and Paint

The Craftsman Woodturner (PJ)

Understanding Woodcarving
in the Round

Instant Scroll Saw Projects (BB)

Stick Making: A Complete Course(PL)

Repairing and Restoring
Antique Furniture

Rustic Furniture Companion (JK)

Hand Tools For Woodworkers (SG)

The Ultimate Birdhouse Book (BS)

Woodworker's Tool Guide (BB)

Scroll Saw Basics (SG)

Bird Boxes and Feeders
For the Garden

Fun at the Lathe (SG)

Woodcarving: A Foundation Course (JL)

Jack Hill's Country Chairmaking (DS)

The Art Of Chairmaking (MB)

Po Shun Leong Art Boxes (BB)

Pine Furniture Projects (LH)

Essential Woodcarving Techniques (JL)

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