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Dave Flanagan's Collapsible Workbench
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This bench is easy to make and when not needed, it folds up to only a few inches deep.

Figure 1
1. Fit parts C in dados in part A, square it up.
Then fasten with screws to make the back.
2. Attach parts D to back as shown.
3. Assemble the top & bottom shelf - see figures 4 & 5.
Figure 2
Fasten parts F to B to make front legs and side rails.
Note: Fig.2 is the the right side of the bench. The left
side is a mirror image.
Figure 3
Connect the side rails to parts C on the back using the 3" strap hinges.
Bottom Shelf
Connect bottom shelf to part C using strap hinges.
Bench Top
Connect top shelf to part D using 2.5" hinges.



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