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Tool Review: Rockler Jig It Hinge Mortising System
Item #32457 Price $79.99
By: Afrim Hoxha

When this product was offered I grabbed at it because I have seen this product before and it looked like a jig that I would find very useful. The contents of the package contained the JIG IT HINGE MORTISING SYSTEM and a 1/4" shaft mortise router bit. The product is primarily made up of machine blue anodized aluminum. The bottom base is made up of oak. Assembly was very easy.

Bottom View 



Top View

Setting up for a hinge mortise was very simple. You adjust the bottom support to the desired depth of the hinge and slide the right plate to accommodate the length of the hinge. The right plate can be set for any hinge from one inch to four and one half inches in length. Lock everything in place and set your router bit to proper depth and just rout away.




Here is a view of the
routed opening.



After squaring up the corners with a chisel, the hinge fits like a glove.


I found this product was very easy to use. The size of the aluminum plate provided very sufficient surface area for the router to ride upon. The router bit is a standard mortise bit and can be matched up with any brand of bit. There are optional specialty hinge inserts that Rockler provides when using specialty hinges from their catalog or another supplier. There is also a mortise system for locks for the JIG IT HINGE MORTISING SYSTEM. I was very pleased with the finished result that this product helped me achieve. I would definitely recommend this product for everyone.

Editor's Note: You can get more details at Rockler's website.

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