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ShopCam HiLites for 12/5/00
Flying Blind

Hi Everyone,
As you might expect, the ShopCam camera is still on the blink. I can get it to turn on for a couple minutes and then it shuts itself off. Since all I did was spray today, I figured I'd give it a rest. Hopefully tomorrow I can track down a camcorder techie and pick his brain about using the camera for a few minutes at a time; maybe find out if the camera is DOA or what. Cross your fingers.

But first, the morning was spent away from the shop helping my neighbor with his new He's been working on a new shop and what better way to have a grand re-opening than to buy a new tablesaw. He plunked down the dough and got a Powermatic 66 and I helped to get it offloaded from the semi-trailer and into his garage. Hey, it was the least I could do after spending 5 or 6 hours using his lathe.

Anyway, the delivery was a success except the freight company lost track of his fence rails...sigh.

I finally returned to my shop around 1:00 PM and commenced to spraying. The gun I had dropped yesterday had another problem - the valve which controls the air pressure at the gun inlet had a crack. I had to pull it off and run the air control off the main regulator which isn't nearly the same. I got it to work, but it was like learning how to use the gun all over again.

Another thing - you remember I cracked the stem loose at the bottom of the cup. I still didn't use it to find out if the silicone worked. The gun came with these neat little disposable cup liners which you slip into the cup and seal down to the stem. This bypassed the cup and all afternoon, the actual cup never touched any finish. I guess I chickened out, but with the truncated day in the shop, I didn't want to mess with a leaky cup.

For the rest of the project, Wednesday will be spent finishing up the current batch of sprayed parts and maybe a few odd jobs to get this project completed. There will be an update Wednesday. Thursday is tentatively scheduled to help my neighbor work on his shop... outside... in the cold. Friday, the base cabinets are going to be delivered to Mr. D.'s house and I'm returning Saturday to demo the space - you know, rip off existing moldings, etc. Fun stuff. I'm hoping that either one or two things will happen with the video portion of this project: either the camera will be working or I'll have a another one. I've got a new one already picked out!

If you have any questions or comments about Mr. D's Walnut Wall Unit, please post them at the Info Exchange.

Jim Mattson

Onward to the Next Installment

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