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ShopCam HiLites for 12/13/00
Place For A Clock?

I didn't work Sunday unless you count an extensive "honey-do" list which carried over into Monday. Then we had a gas leak. The gas company troubleshooter blamed the plumber who was putting in a new water heater, and the plumber blamed the HVAC guys. Somebody fix it, OK? Before the house blows up!

When I finally returned to Mr. D.'s project, the only woodworking left to do was joining the colums to the mantle and sanding the whole assembly. To the right, the column is prepared for a visit from the biscuit machine.

Because the column is so wide, I can easlily get four biscuits in each joint. After cutting the first slot, with the machine base against the column, I slide in a spacer block to locate the next slot. This is repeated two more times 'til I have four slots cut in the mantle.

I always do the down-plunges first for fear the side plunges might move the workpiece off the layout line.

Here's the last slot cut into the column top. Using the spacer blocks is fast and simple, especially if you don't care too much that the slots aren't exactly in the middle. Four biscuits is overkill for a joint which won't be getting any real side stress - there isn't any need for a centered layout.
Out of curiousity, I couldn't resist dry-fitting the joints to check the appearance. I like it!
Then comes a couple hours of sanding everything to perfection. Looking back, I probably should have done a better job sanding the columns when I had them on the lathe. Oh well - I'm learning...;)

My last trick of this shortened workday involves gluing the columns to the mantle. I was thinking I might do it at Mr. D.'s, but handling it here will look better with the finish flowing from one piece to the other, and the glue joint will be stronger.

Another thing - I didn't use any clamps to pressure the columns onto the mantle. They fit so well and sat so square, using clamps would only add a measure of uncertainty during assembly. Sometimes, knowing when to stop is the key to best quality.

Tomorrow we finish finishing - I hope - with the idea the waterborne will be hard enough for delivery on Saturday. See you then!

If you have any questions or comments about Mr. D's Walnut Wall Unit, please post them at the Info Exchange.

Jim Mattson

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