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ShopCam HiLites for 11/15/00
Two Down

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday. The second cabinet went together almost the same as the first. The only twist came from the extended top which forms a roof over Mr. D.'s walnut Grandfather clock. It also allows the crown molding to go straight across the room, making my life so much easier. :)

With both units on wheels, there are only a few more things to make: cutout and edgeband the shelves, shape the mantle, baseboard and crown molding, add a few filler pieces to the fireplace surround, and best of all - turn the two columns which support the mantle.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or comments about Mr. D's Walnut Wall Unit, please post them at the Info Exchange.

Jim Mattson

Onward to the Next Installment

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