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It is with much regret that I feel the following needs to be said about Mr. Garrison's review of my video production on biscuit joinery techniques:

I find his references to me as "Mr. Piney Metz" to be offensive and disrespectful, and a childish attempt to demean by allusion. Further, he implies incompetence by his comparison of me to his feared school shop teacher. I feel these and his other off-topic and smug remarks poison the well as regards further discussion, and certainly do not belong in a serious technical review. I can answer an objective, succinct, lucid and rational critique at any time, as I believe in my product; I cannot, however, discourse with a person who seems to have unresolved issues in his life that override his objectivity and credibility. It is a shame the group has lost this opportunity for an informative exchange to an invective mindset.

I offer instead, the following reviews from highly respected sources:

Video Librarian
February, 1997

I'm frankly a little dubious about titles that have the word 'easy' in them, but if you have a decent understanding of woodworking, you'll learn a lot from amiable host Hank Metz's informal instructions. Opening with shop basics, Metz takes viewers through a variety of neat projects, continually emphasizing safety regulations when working with tools. It was smooth sawing for the most part, and even though I'm still "creatively challenged" when it comes to woodworking, I can recognize a popular item when I see it. Of course, if you think that "biscuit joinery" somehow involves the Pillsbury Dough-boy, you might find yourself drifting off after ten minutes into the program. Recommended 3 out of 4 possible stars.
P.J. Carlson

Booklist Magazine
American Library Assn.
February, 1997

Biscuit joinery, a means of assembling woodworking projects using a plate joiner or "biscuit machine" is capably described by a professional woodworker. Emphasizing preparation of materials and safety measures, Hank Metz demonstrates cabinet, drawer, frame, panel, door, table, and miter work in various projects. On screen symbols and a "beep" alert viewers to don safety glasses, ear plugs, and other protective devices. Although some previous expertise and a well-equipped workshop are musts, home woodworkers will benefit from this useful program's lucid instructions, well-shot visuals, and the onscreen list of tools and plan suppliers.
Candace Smith

Woodshop News
March, 1997

** This review is both overwhelmingly positive, and also very long. To save bandwidth, I make mention of it for those who have access to the issue.

Ordering information:

Woodworking Made Easy with Hank Metz , Vol. 1, Biscuit Joinery
Easyway Ventures
P.O. Box 516
Mundelein, Il 60060
(847) 949-9044

Video; $29.50 + $4.50 S&H
Plans kit; $8.95 additional
A special purchase is offered of both the video and plans kit for $39.00 total.

My guarantee: you must be satisfied in every respect or your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Hank Metz,
Woodworking Made Easy

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