Jim Mattson Furniture

Back when I was eleven years old, a neighbor lady left the brake off her car. It rolled down her driveway, across our lawn and into our backyard, taking out a large section of a tall cedar fence. The usable old boards became a treehouse - my first real construction project.

There have been countless other projects over the last 36 years. Here are some photos of some of my favorites. Clicking on the images will take you to a larger photo and to some background information about these particular pieces.

The most rewarding aspect of doing this kind of work is the ongoing challenge each piece represents. If you would like to discuss my building something special for you, please feel free to email me at the following address:

Thank you,
Jim Mattson

The Awful Truth

Unfortunately, I don't have a showroom or a bunch of pieces laying about you can just take home with you. All my furniture is built special order, according to your specifications and on a contract basis. I require a 50% deposit before any work is started. This is normal for custom furniture.

Complicated jobs, especially built-ins, will require one or more trips to your house or place of business, to work out the finer details of what I'm supposed to make. It's also normal for me to be backlogged four or more months before being able to start your project.

I don't compete with factories which only pay their help minimum wage to feed machines all day. Normal costs run between three and five times what you might pay at a retail furniture store. You get what you pay for, ie, better materials, better quality and exactly the piece of furniture you're looking for. If you're still interested, please contact me at the email address above or at the regular address below. Thank you!

Jim Mattson Furniture
12615 Safety Turn
Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: 301-262-6243

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