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Introduction to Abstract: by Chuck Ring

Testing Of Plate (Biscuit) Joinery and Adhesives for Applicability In Constructing Architectural Products

I operate a woodworking business and a portion of that business is devoted to the construction of interior and exterior residential doors and other heavy architectural woodwork. As most small shop owners recognize, the pricing on regular door manufacturing equipment can be prohibitive for a shop with limited capital resources. From time to time, I had examined alternatives to conventional construction techniques and had given some thought to the idea of using biscuits in the construction of doors and similar products.

I learned Sandia National Laboratories, through their technology transfer unit, was accepting grant applications to assist small businesses in developing manufacturing techniques and equipment. Over the course of two to three months, I applied for a was awarded a grant to investigate the feasibility of using Lamello S-6 plates (biscuits) and polyurethane adhesives in the construction of residential doors and similar products.

The testing resulted in my and other's utilization of the methodology developed during this testing process and subsequent refinement of the techniques, in the manufacture of doors, gates and other items.

The abstract which follows was presented before a society of adhesives engineers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The scientists attending the symposium came from several states and several foreign countries and the material was well received by the attendees. The abstract is shown in its entirety and is followed by additional remarks and details compiled by myself.

Special thanks must go to Sven (Skip) Hanson for his excellent writing, presentation and organizational abilities and all of the personnel from Sandia National Laboratories who assisted with the grant acquisition, testing and other issues.

C.E. "Chuck" Ring

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