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The Woodworking Channel is a pilot project designed to investigate and develop emerging multimedia technologies as learning tools for the Internet. To view our first article, you need to have QuickTime 3 or 4 installed as a plugin for your browser. If you can see our old logo in the picture at right, you have at least QuickTime 3 and can experience the full impact of this technology.

If you don't have the latest version of this multimedia powerhouse, you can freely download it for Windows 95, Windows 98 , Windows NT and MacOS. Click on the button below.


For those who aren't interested in downloading any new software, the pilot article can still be informative without the plugin. Enjoy!

Notice: Depending on your modem speed, the following page may take as long as ten minutes to download. After clicking, you might bide your time sending an email to your sister, walking your dog or making some popcorn. :)
Article 1 - Sharpening the Stanley #80 Scraper Plane (1MB)

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