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Supporting the WWA

Who's paying for this, anyway?

   As you know, most websites are paid for by the advertising banners they display. We think it's impossible to be objective using this method of financing and any opinions you find on such sites are obviously suspect. Since 'advertising dollars' will not be funding our efforts, you can be assured that any information you find here will be unbiased and in the best interest of fellow woodworkers.

We have two donation options:

#1 Basic Contribution ($20)
This donation level is provided for individual woodworkers who find this site useful and want to support it with a small contribution. Thank you!
#2 Woodworking Website ($40)
For this donation amount, your site will be reviewed and a link to it will be included from our directory. Optionally, you are encouraged to place a WWA logo somewhere on your website. Be sure to send us the address of your site on the payment page.

We Use PayPal: With their system, we never see your personal information, making such transactions as safe as possible. For those who would rather support us with a check, you can find the mailing address on our Contact page. Make any checks payable to the WWA.

Webmasters: You will find logos on our Icon page. In all circumstances, webmasters who install the WWA logo, or want a link to their site from our directory page, must agree to our guidelines as outlined in our Charter.

Please Note

Regardless of whether you're interested in supporting the WWA financially, our pages and the woodworking information they contain will always be available to you for free. There will never be anything hidden or reserved for contributors. As always, any personal information you submit to us will be closely guarded and never divulged to anyone without your expressed permission.

Who We Are

The WWA was founded in 1997 by Kip Yeager, Chuck Ring and Jim Mattson. Kip was one of the pioneers of woodworking information on the Internet and is no longer with us. Chuck Ring semi-retired from law enforcement to become a professional woodworker, and then went back to law enforcement after 9-11. Jim Mattson is currently a professional woodworker who sharpens the chisels and empties the dust collector for this website.