Dave Kisker


 Dave Kisker is an amateur woodworker with 14 years experience.

Dave was just surfing the Web when he happened onto the January '97 Maze after the Race already started. This proves that it's best to be "lucky" and "good"!



 Dave's hutch is made of oak.


Though Dave has never charged anyone for a piece, he'd be willing to talk about it if it can keep him in the workshop; the house is getting full.



 These clocks were gifts to Dave's brothers. The larger one is constructed primarily of cherry, with walnut in the obvious places.

It has a quartz movement in it from Turncraft. (Mechanical movements are actually somewhat in limited supply these days, and are surprisingly expensive.)

This design is also from Turncraft.


 The smaller one is more interesting. It's the same quartz movement, this time from Klockit, but the design originated with Dave's wife.

The case is cherry, and the accent woods are padauk, cocobolo and birdseye maple.



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